Andrew has always been interested in the fabulous worlds depicted in Video Games and Sci-Fi books and television. When he was 13, he asked his mother if she had among the families numerous collections of novels, any stories about a young man with a dragon for a friend.  His mother recommended the Wizard in Rhyme series by Christopher Stasheff and Robert Aspin’s Myth Adventure series. When he ran out of other people's novels to read, Andrew began creating his own adventures in his head.

TORN FOX: Andrew has published his first book in a series about a pair of teenage twins who live in a world destroyed by the Dragon Wars, titled “Torn Fox”. It is now available on I-Books and Kindle and in hard copy. Click here to order

In Torn Fox, Technology has been shattered, the polar icecaps melted in the fight for survival, and society has been set back to around the early 19th century. After fifty years, they’ve begun to rebuild their society with the very energy source that helped them survive the war-- Magic…

SCORCHED RAVEN: Follow the continuing adventures of The Teague Family Mages in Scorched Raven. Tom, Craven's twin brother, faces his own challenges and dangers in the sequel to Torn Fox. ETA 2017

 WARRIOR SERIES: He is also working on a science/magic fiction novel for older readers about some warriors attempting to rescue the local princess. who disappeared on her marriage journey and who may or (may not) want to be rescued. In the group is a swordsman who is really the son of a deposed ruler, a Mage who sometimes accidentally blows things up, a “newbie” (a forced immigrant) with an intelligent cat companion, an old soldier and a female martial artist. There are dragons, goblins, thugs and a rebellion to contend with along the way. Because the planet is being used as a penal colony, it is under technological interdict and the only way to arrive is to crash. The would-be heroes are going to have to do things the old-fashioned way…